September 6, 2017

Filming Reschedule

Due to some technical issues today, 5C will be filming with Bruce again on Monday 11th of September. Please ensure your child wears their costume to school and arrives in the classroom at 8:30am ready for makeup.


August 22, 2017


Everyone is looking forward to our camp at Sovereign Hill which is coming up on Wednesday.
We will be getting the children together today and going over our expectations for behaviour to ensure that everyone is safe and that all the children have a positive experience.
Here are just a few reminders so that you can get organised.
Please refer to the clothing and personal equipment list that was sent to you in your excursion pack. It is often very cold in Ballarat so please ensure that your child has warm clothing. Suitable shoes are also important as we walk A LOT! When they are panning for gold, they do have to negotiate the banks of the river and shoes can get a bit wet and muddy. Children are welcome to bring some gumboots for this activity but they would need to either wear them all day or carry them around as we generally do not go back to our rooms during the day.
We suggest that the children bring up to $20 for the camp as this is sufficient for them to buy a small present/souvenir, a jar to put their gold in (if they find any during panning) and a visit to the lolly shop. They may also choose to make a candle or take a ride in a horse drawn carriage.
Students need to be in school by 7.45am on Wednesday and all children should go to their home class teacher to be ticked off as present. Luggage can be left neatly in Area C ready to put on the bus. Each child must have a small backpack/bag that contains the items they need on the journey eg. a pen and paper for a game, a book, a water bottle, snack and lunch – they need to keep this with them to take on the bus. WE WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO LUGGAGE AGAIN UNTIL WE REACH SOVEREIGN HILL.
No mobile phones or electronic games are to be brought by the students. We will take lots of photos, so cameras are not advised to be brought. If a student does bring a camera, it will be their responsibility. Please ensure that all clothing and possessions are named.
If your child has medication, please see either myself or Mr. Whelan after getting your child ticked as present. ALL MEDICATION MUST BE LABELLED WITH THE CHILD’S NAME AND THE DOSAGE and needs to be signed in by a parent/guardian. Students must only bring medication that you have documented on the medical form. If you are bringing medication, please arrive a little earlier at school to allow time for this.
This is a wonderful camp and I am sure the children will have lots of fun whilst experiencing what life was like on the Goldfields of Ballarat in the 1850’s.

July 25, 2017

Parent Reading Survey

Dear Parents,

Over the past year we have been working very hard to use current research and best practice to evaluate and develop our own Word Study and Spelling program. It has been very exciting and beneficial for staff and students. This is still an on-going process, and we hope to continue to learn and grow together. Our next focus area is Reading and we would like to begin by involving our parents, teachers and students in the review process. Below is a Parent Survey about reading. Please take a few minutes to complete it as the information we gather will be very beneficial when shaping our future programs.


May 30, 2017

Student led conferences

Please mark in your diaries the 27th June. This is the date set aside for our Student Led Conferences.This is an all day event and a pupil free day. You will be able to choose a time to come in with your child to have your conference where they will share with you some of the great work they have done this semester.The log in details will be handed out in due course, but to help you with any work issues or other plans, the date has been decided well in advance.

The children are already excited about sharing their work with you!